BOGO Free Elderberry Gummies + CBD Dog Treats + CBD Face Masks!


Meet the NEW Cosmic Berry CBD + CBN + CBG Drops w/ Active Botanicals!

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" High functioning CBD products to make you more present. 0% THC, 100% Mindfulness. "
CBD Vape Pen
CBD Vape Pen

CBD+ Drops

A powerful blend of CBD, CBN, CBG, with active botanicals to help keep you living the Good Life.

CBD Vape Pen

Immunity Gummies

Tantalizingly sweet and fruity notes with a naturally occurring antioxidant defense.

CBD Vape Pen

Calming Dog Treats

Dog treats for more present, less panic. Not for human consumption, unfortunately.

CBD Vape Pen

CBD Face Masks

Boost cellular function and improve skin elasticity for an extra juicy "on vacation glow.

Our proprietary botanical blends are formulated by top scientists to support your body's natural ability to:

  1. Detoxify
  2. Ease Anxiety
  3. Lighten Mood
  4. Support Sleep
  5. Boost Immunity

The Question

How can we meet the demands of our daily life and still feel our best?

Technology promised flying cars. Instead we got bigger screens and a boatload of stress. To keep up, we reach for quick fixes like sweets, alcohol, and a fifth cup of coffee.

The Answer

The best of nature to help you feel balanced

We create products to help shift your mindset with ease and flow. Our organically grown CBD products are shortcuts to the ideal state of mind, delivering just the right amount of what you need to energize, calm, and focus your mind in the moment.

CBD Vape Pen


Notice the difference & embrace your newfound quality of life. High functioning cannabinoids to make you more present.

CBD Vape Pen


With none of the side effects from pharmaceuticals -- you can focus on the good: you productivity, mindfulness, & creativity.

CBD Vape Pen


The sun, the moon, & the stars. Or your mind, body, & world. When all three are aligned, you can become the most balanced version of yourself.