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*Sit.* CBD dog treats for more present, less panicked floofs. Makes them less likely to bark at the neighbor’s cat or jump on the postman. Not for human consumption, unfortunately. *Come.*

2mg CBD for downtime or down, boy.

Solvents, pesticides, microbial contaminants, THC.

An hour before you leave your dog home alone, an hour before guests come over, an hour before travel. When they’re sad, over-excited, anxious, in pain, or simply when they’re being a good doggo.

Organically grown and extracted in Colorado.

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For Right Here, Right Now

What We’re Made Of:

Non-GMO Hemp: Third-party lab tested and free from contaminants.

Veterinarian Formulated: The tick and lick of approval from the doc.

All Natural Beef Formula: CBD dog treats that they’ll love without chemicals or synthetics.

Omega 3,6,9: Enhance joint health, digestion, support heart and brain health.

Vitamin E: Helps strengthen immune system, boost in muscle function, cardiovascular health, and a glossy coat with healthy skin.

Ingredients: Syzygy™ Proprietary Blend: Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil with terpenes, Omega (3,6,9), Vitamin E and Flaxseed Oil.

Other Ingredients: Water, dried brewer’s yeast, glycerine, gum arabic, sodium alginate, beef liver powder, natural bacon flavor, microcrystalline cellulose, organic sweet potato powder, sunflower lecithin (non-GMO), citrus pectin, sodium propionate, calcium sulphate, dehydrate, naturally mixed tocopherols (natural preservative).

How Much to Give:

1 CBD dog treat per 18lbs (1-2 times daily)


Customer Reviews:

20 reviews for CBD DOG TREATS

  1. svendsenryan

    My dog fergie absolutely loved these and she was mellow after having them! Highly recommend.

  2. Jaye Sibo

    SYZYGY is my new favorite company! The fact that I can get something for everyone in my family here, including my dog is amazing! We have a small and large dog and they both love them and get so excited every time we bring the bag out. I do need more than 1 treat for my larger dog, but that makes sense since we’re dealing with more weight. I love seeing them happy. I really hope you guys come out with more dog products, we would definitely buy! Your Unwind pen has helped my husband sleep through the nights so much too.

  3. spikeleffke

    We took our 35 lb pup on his first plane trip across country this year, and needlesstosay, we were very nervous about how he’d do. So we gave him a CBD treat before we left for the airport and then right when we got on the plane and he was a dream! He made the whole 5+ hour plane ride without a peep, or an accident! We don’t go on any trips now without being sure to pack these in our doggo’s bag, just in case. THANK YOU SYZYGY for making our little guy as well-traveled as we could hope!

  4. Noah

    I won these on one of their Instagram giveaways that they do and I must say that they are very high quality treats. The packaging, treats themselves and the whole experience. I give my dog 3 at a time to make sure I get a long midday break from him while I take phone calls for my job. I bought their Refresh Vape Pen when I won these and their vape pens are incredible. Check out my review on they Refresh page if you’re interested in taking your anxiety down.

  5. Tessa

    WOW! I knew these were working for my dog (pug), but last night when all of the fireworks were going off – he was so CHILL! Which NEVER happens. I had to come leave a review, these are the best CBD dog treats!

  6. Robert chapel

    Tried, dog loves them

  7. Laura

    My yellow lab loves these! We give them to her before things we know excite her and it really calms her. Plus, she loves the taste. I am very excited about finding these.

  8. Sam T

    We have been using these cbd treats for 2 months now and they are our new favorite! They love the taste and are always excited about getting them every day. Sometimes I split the treats in half so they get them a couple times a day. It’s really helped with their coats too, noticeably shinier after about a month and a half I’d say.

  9. Zander

    Although my dog loved these treats. He weighs 95 pounds, so they weren’t as effective as I was hoping for. These would probably work great for dogs under 60 pounds. The packaging was beautiful though. Hopefully you guys come out with a higher dosage pet product.

  10. Tabby

    These are hands down my doodles favorite treat! They are a special treat for a rainy day when we can’t get outside as much as we would like, it helps him relax and just chill with the family! He is happy which makes us all happy. Not only that, it’s made with amazing ingredients that I don’t have to question whether they are safe are not. 110% approved and recommended!!

  11. Arielle D

    These are amazing! I have a golden doodle who has lots of anxiety. Not only does he love the way these taste, but he is so much calmer!! I absolutely love that these are made with natural, high-quality ingredients. Worth every penny! An absolute must for any dog owner! Thank you Syzygy for helping my dog stay happy, healthy & zen!

  12. Hannah

    All 3 of our dogs LOVE these treats! Our oldest is a very picky eater, sometimes we can barely get her to eat…. but she always gets so excited about these treats. Definitely worth the money.

  13. Candice08

    The best CBD dog treats that we’ve tried! Love the fact that they aren’t a dry cracker kind of treat. You can tell that they’re made with quality ingredients. I’d recommend using the 15% off code that they offer.

  14. Morgan C.

    Our dog has severe anxiety. We have tried prescribed medication, but we don’t like seeing our girl sleep all day. These CBD treats start working gradually. At first we didn’t notice a huge difference and we reached out to Syzygy and they were super helpful in explaining to use how CBD works with dogs that aren’t used to taking CBD regularly. We stuck with it and we are so glad we did. We started to realizing that she wasn’t barking at everyone who walked passed our window, less jumpy, and overall just a little happier. She still seems exactly like herself, only less stressed and we are so thankful for this. We would do anything to make sure our girl is happier.

  15. Jeff

    I gave this to my lab and it works amazingly! I love my dog, but I love him even more after these cbd treats. Way less hyper.

  16. Alex H.

    My dogs love them. Highly recommend for dogs with anxiety.

  17. Greg Hayes

    These are the best! My pit bull loves them and I love that they don’t have a strong fake flavoring smell like some dog treats do. You can tell they are natural and Huey gets more excited about these treats than his other ones. I’d say definitely worth it when you use the discount you can sign up for on their website.

  18. Sue Alter

    I love giving these to my dogs and I feel like the best dog mom for doing so. I support anything that helps my best buds live healthy and longer!

  19. Tracy Swenson

    I have a 22lb rescue pup and these definitely do the trick. I do give her 2 treats at a time though. She gets stressed out when I leave her, so I feel better knowing she’s a little more at peace when I give her these before I take off.

  20. Michel g

    One of my friends knows the owner of this company, which is how I heard about them… and at first I wasn’t sure how my dogs would react to CBD or if it would be worth spending the money. But after seeing how excited the dogs were about getting them I was sold! Sometimes I get so frustrated that my dogs don’t get excited about treats after they have them for a couple days, but they are still stoked about these every day! And they take much longer naps after a couple treats. Will buy again.

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