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One CBD Vape Pen – 250mg

*Breathe in.*You’re lying in the grass, sunlight pouring on your skin. You’re swinging in a hammock, phone off and mind on. You’re floating in a lagoon, where gravity no longer exists. *Breathe out.* You’re ready to relax.

What’s Present:
250mg CBD for low tides and out of office replies.

What’s Absent:
Solvents, pesticides, microbial contaminants, THC.

When To Use:
When you’ve had a day that feels like a week.

Where We’re Made:
Organically grown and extracted in Colorado.

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For Right Here, Right Now


Non-GMO Hemp: Third-party lab tested and free from contaminants.

Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract: Extracted from industrial hemp with dozens of healthy terpenes which work together to heighten the body’s response to CBD. Zero THC.

Terpenes: Organic compounds extracted from cannabis and variety of other plants that interact synergistically with cannabinoids to enhance health effects. Rich in antioxidants and anti-irritant properties, they specifically help unlock the benefits of CBD.

Beneficial Plant Compounds:  They fit into the body’s receptor network to help keep it healthy.

Flavonoids: A group of phytonutrients which are substances found in plants proven to be beneficial to human health.

Also: Omega Fatty Acids, Vegan, Kosher, and Gluten-Free.



How To Use:

*Inhale.* Hold for 3-5 seconds. Think about your happy place. *Exhale.* You’re already there. Repeat for more mindfulness.

Customer Reviews:

19 reviews for UNWIND CBD VAPE PEN

  1. Billie Turner

    I LOVE this Unwind pen. I have Lupus and Fibromyalgia so I don’t sleep too well but with me taking a few puffs, I get relaxed and can sleep. If You have any of the problems I have I highly recommend You purchase the “Unwind” and you will have a peaceful sleep💜

  2. Meg Dorick

    This is the perfect ‘I just put the kids to bed and need to wind down’ feeling! It’s like a breathe of fresh air after a busy day!

  3. Jaymie

    This pen saved me and my anxiety during the stay at home order. It will definitely be apart of my everyday wind down. This was my first experience with a CBD vape pen, 10/10 recommend!

  4. Derek

    If you’re looking to be a less stressed version of yourself – BUY THIS PEN! It’s already lasted me 2 months and I use it every night before bed. Impressed is an understatement.

  5. Lauren

    I bought this CBD vape pen and the Refresh CBD Vape pen and they are both so amazing! Unwind CBD has seriously changed my life. I no longer take Xanax each day for my anxiety and that means so much to me. I wish I would have found SYZYGY CBD earlier! P.s. if you dm them on IG, they will always give you a discount!

  6. Jay Setty

    100000% the best CBD pens out there! I have been sleeping through the entire night and that is unheard of for me. If you value your sleep, you should give the Unwind pen a shot!

  7. Tabby

    My favorite treat to use to *unwind* after a long day! It helps clear my head in the evenings and just relax or during the day when feeling overwhelmed and anxious. The perfect fit to make my day better!

  8. Arielle D

    I am OBSESSED with these CBD pens. I typically have trouble sleeping at night, but with the Unwind pen, I fall asleep right away…and STAY asleep! I am so grateful for this product and recommend it to anyone and everyone who is looking to have a deep, restful sleep. Also, this is absolutely the most high-quality CBD pen I have ever used & it lasts so long!! I have used it every night for 2 months, and it’s still working beautifully! Thank you Syzygy!!!! I am forever grateful!!!!

  9. Dev

    I get really bad migraines and their CBD has definitely been helping. Huge fan on the taste and I was pleasantly shocked at how long the pen lasted. I used it daily for a month and a half.

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