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The Important Differences Between Cannabinoids

If you’ve shopped for CBD vape pens for anxiety, pain, sleep, or whole self wellness recently, you might have come…

If you’ve shopped for CBD vape pens for anxiety, pain, sleep, or whole self wellness recently, you might have come across a few terms you’ve never heard of. And that’s okay! Let’s be honest: the health and wellness industry is full of strange terminology that takes a bit to get used to. But that’s precisely why we’re here. Today, we’re discussing the differences between full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, ultra-broad spectrum, and CBD isolates.

From what these terms mean to why we use them and practically everything else you can think of, we’re covering down below. After this, the next time you hear someone talking about broad-spectrum CBD, you’ll know exactly what they’re referring to.

The Endocannabinoid System, The Entourage Effect, and Full-Spectrum Extracts

Let’s start by defining “full-spectrum.” Full-spectrum CBD extracts are extracts that embrace the full values of the plant they come from. For hemp-derived CBD, this means that the CBD, as well as other chemical compounds and terpenes, are kept within the extracted oil. Thus, you essentially have the “full” plant, just without the plant matter itself! 

Full-spectrum extracts were some of the most popular extract options to hit the market over the past few years for various reasons. It is believed that when a hemp plant’s components are celebrated together—or synergistically, as you might see it explained—it creates a better, more all-encompassing experience. 

When consumed, the cannabinoids within the plant bind to the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is an elaborate system of cell signalers. These signals go off and let the body know where it needs a little extra support. While the body does this with its own endocannabinoids, hemp’s cannabinoids act similarly! They’ll travel throughout the body, either binding to or communicating with the myriad cannabinoid receptors found throughout. With this, hemp’s compounds work to help give the body what it needs, all through natural support. 

This phenomenon, called the entourage effect, is gaining traction daily, attracting people to products like full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and ultra-broad spectrum CBD. The science here is moving forward here every day and it’s very promising. It’s been enough to propel CBD products right off the shelves. 

However, with full-spectrum extracts sometimes comes certain chemical compounds that you may not want to consume, personally. For example, full-spectrum CBD products coming from hemp will have 0.3% THC or less. For many, even this small amount of THC is unappealing. Although this is such a minimal amount that you most likely wouldn’t even notice, the THC still exists within the oil which some people don’t want. 

Because of this, many CBD brands have actually started straying away from full-spectrum products. Nowadays, it’s becoming more and more attractive to consume a pure, controlled dose of CBD and minor cannabinoids, but without THC. But, how is this possible? Through the beauty of broad-spectrum extracts, of course. Here at SYZYGY all of our products are 0.00% THC and we use Organically Grown Broad Spectrum and Ultra-Broad Spectrum Hemp for all of our CBD Vapes, CBD Masks, CBD Dog Treats, and CBD Tinctures. 

The Beauty of Broad and Ultra-Broad Spectrum Extracts

Broad-spectrum CBD extracts refer to an extract containing CBD and terpenes for a fuller, richer experience. Just like with full-spectrum extracts, broad-spectrum products also celebrate the entourage effect, just without the THC. Despite the lack of THC, the cannabinoids still blend beautifully with the terpenes, creating a potent, beneficial experience.

As we mentioned with full-spectrum, some cannabinoids are included that you may not want to consume, depending on the effects you’re looking for. Broad-spectrum extracts, then, create a perfect option because they don’t include psychoactive cannabinoids like THC whatsoever. Instead, they celebrate the beauty of CBD and terpenes combined.

So, what are ultra-broad spectrums, then? We’re glad you asked. Ultra-broad spectrum CBD products include other minor cannabinoids alongside the CBD. These cannabinoids include compounds like CBG and CBN, once again creating a fuller CBD experience. Combine this with all-natural, plant-derived terpenes, and you’ve got a super-potent, extra-supportive CBD dosage, all without any presence of THC, either. For many, this creates the ideal CBD product, regardless of if it’s an oil, CBD vape pen, or anything in between. As our science advances, we continue to discover the benefits of all cannabinoids, not only CBD. Here at SYZYGY – we always want to stay ahead to deliver the most natural, effective, and safe products for our customers!

Products like these are rapidly gaining attention because you get all of the benefits of the hemp plant, but you don’t have to worry one bit about consuming THC. SYZYGY specializes in using organically grown broad-spectrum extracts for our high-quality CBD products, particularly our CBD vape pens for anxiety. We firmly believe in the THC-free, controlled CBD experience that broad and ultra-broad spectrum products can bring. With just a few breaths in of our CBD pens, your worries become a thing of the past, all thanks to our incredible broad-spectrum extract + active botanical terpenes.

What Are CBD Isolates?

Finally, we’ve come to CBD isolates. If you couldn’t guess from the name, CBD isolates refer to pure CBD extracts. Unlike the other extracts we’ve discussed, CBD isolates don’t contain any additional cannabinoids, terpenes, or compounds other than cannabidiol. Typically, CBD isolates ring in at 99% pure CBD extract, making it an excellent product for those who simply want to celebrate the effects of refined CBD itself. 

Because there aren’t any other cannabinoids or terpenes present, some claim that CBD isolates aren’t technically as potent as other extracts. But, even without the presence of the entourage effect, CBD isolates produce plenty of beneficial, supportive properties that every person can adore. 

Compared to full and broad-spectrum extracts, CBD isolates will not have the same aromatic elements as they do, as they don’t contain terpenes. This can be a good or bad thing, depending on how you feel about the smells and taste of hemp! For those of you who aren’t necessarily fans of hemp flavors, CBD isolates can be great— you hardly taste a thing. 

So, Which Cannabinoid Is Best For You?

Okay, so, which type of extract is best for your CBD experience? As much as we’d love to give you a definitive answer, we can’t! Everyone’s body chemistry is different, so you can try them out and see what works best for you! Whichever CBD product you like the most, and whichever helps you feel your best, is the ideal product for you. Just as every person is unique, so are the benefits of CBD to each person. This means that, while broad-spectrum extracts may work beautifully for your best friend, you may find that ultra-broad spectrum is the way to go. It’s entirely up to you! The only way you can decide what’s best is to try them for yourself.

It’s essential to always keep in mind the individualized benefits of CBD. Don’t base your experience on someone else’s. If you want to steer clear of THC and focus just on CBD, go for Broad or Ultra-Broad Spectrum CBD. If you’re looking for something all-encompassing, check out our broad-spectrum CBD vape pens for anxiety. The choice is yours. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for your favorite broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, or CBD isolate, SYZYGY is here to walk you through it all. Our brand specializes in producing completely THC-free products, perfect for those of you looking to celebrate the benefits of CBD and terpenes and flavonoids. Together, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how beneficial our CBD products truly can be.

So, always take the time to discover what types of CBD products pique your interest the most. A little research goes a long way! Once you’ve made your decision, SYZYGY will be here to help you find your perfect CBD experience!

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